ARRESTED: The Trump Poisoning Suspect

ARRESTED: The Trump Poisoning Suspect
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We had learned on Saturday that someone — a woman —  had sent a letter containing the deadly poison, ricin, to the White House addressed to President Trump.

While the envelope with the deadly toxin never made it anywhere near Trump, law enforcement officials still went around trying to find the culprit, who was suspected of sending the letter from Canada.

It turns out that the trail wasn’t that hard to follow. By Sunday night, the authorities had arrested a suspect who was allegedly trying to get into the United States from Canada at a border crossing near Buffalo, New York.

The authorities have not yet released much information about the suspect aside from her gender and the location where she was taken into custody.

On Sunday, CBS News added a few more details, including the fact that she had been carrying a gun when she was arrested. She had also allegedly sent similar poisoned letters to an unspecified number of federal prisons, but who the recipients were, was not disclosed.

The media has not been made aware of the statements or if she has made if any.

On the other hand, the Quebec Royal Canadian Mounted Police have confirmed that there is an ongoing police operation underway in Vauquelin Blvd. in St-Hubert, Quebec. The operation is related to the recent poison letter sent to the White House.

The Quebec RCMP’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives team (CBRNE) led the operation. Police and Fire teams from Longueuil, Quebec were also on the scene.

No further details about the suspect were released, but she is expected to face federal charges from Washington DC prosecutors.


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