China Virus Overreach Is Launching The Next American Mass Migration

China Virus Overreach Is Launching The Next American Mass Migration

When lockdowns were imposed on the onslaught of the pandemic, most businesses were forced to shut down, stripping the livelihood of many.

Realizing that the virus isn’t going nowhere, businesses struggled to operate in the “new normal” as they allowed the workforce to report from home. The set-up was hard initially, especially on traditional businesses not customed for an online type of work.

The set-up, however, made people discover that they could indeed work remotely. The fear of commuting to work and contracting the China virus got eliminated.

Several then decided to leave the big cities to avoid rent and fear of the social unrest still damaging the states. Remote work would not impede their income.

The “China virus,” as many people call it, launches the next American mass migration.

Kristin Tate, author of the Liberal Invasion of Red State America, discussed her thoughts in an interview with Fox News.

Tate said, “A perfect storm of COVID, economic uncertainty, and social unrest is prompting waves of American to leave big cities, and permanently relocate in more sparsely populated areas.”

“New York City alone lost 500,000 residents just during the first few months of COVID. Millions more are expected to leave,” Tate continued.

Bloomberg reported that two-thirds of United Van Lines’ moves are for relocations outside New Jersey and New York. Eily Cumming, Spokeswoman for UniGroup, UVL’s parent company, said that New York City doubled the number of people moving out during the pandemic versus last year.

The mass migration stretched to Californians who claim the China virus is the last straw. COVID-19 became the perfect storm to bring the people to the fore, at least for the residents who had already planned to move out. 

Some of the states Californians opt to move into are Idaho, Virginia, Florida, Oregon, and Texas, where the cost of living is relatively cheaper.

The said states, however, are not very welcoming of the immigrants.

The Atlantic published earlier this year that the Texans don’t want any more Californians. This is even before the coronavirus.

The article reported that Texas had topped the outbound destinations of Californians for more than ten years, with an average of about 60,000 to 70,000 migration annually.

The Rubin Report’s Dave Rubin interviewed former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani about the city’s current state.

The former Mayor feels hopeless about New York City and discusses his thought on the mass migration, including the rich people. He also feels critical to the Democrats who criticize the wealthy despite the taxes that pay for the city programs to aid the poor. He sees the taxes as an opportunity to provide more for the people.

Mayor Giuliani likewise discussed how he would’ve handled the unrest taking place across US’s major cities.

The exodus has largely affected New York City, with even the wealthy people of Manhattan considered leavingreported Fox Business. 

Earlier driven by the staggering cost of living and the recent riots and unrest, coronavirus sealed the deal for the next American mass migration.


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